Your Lifetime Guarantee with Nexen Tyres *

Nexen tyres have been manufactured to high standards and they are so confident in their product, that they guarantee them for the whole lfe of the tyre, or until the tread depth reaches 2mm.   If a Nexen tyre develops a suspected manufacturing fault during normal motoring, we will repair it or fit a new Nexen tyre.  Charging you only for the tread used, replacement valves, corrective balance if required and a nominal fitting charge. 


Nexen are designed to offer you the following benefits:

  • Optimum braking response.
  • High quality construction and tread designed for a longer life
  • High rubber contact with the road for dry handling
  • Deep directional grooves disperse water effectively for excellent wet handling
  • Less tread noise for a more comfortable ride
  • Excellent value for money
  • No-hassle, lifetime guarantee


Nexens Terms and conditions

This lifetime guarantee applies solely to Nexen tyres and will be honoured only at the Dealer where the tyre was originally fitted.

This lifetime guarantee is valid for the lifetime of the tyre provided there is a minimum tread depth of 2mm across the central 3/4 of the entire circumference of the tyre.  Work will  only be carried out upon production of the original receipt and the fully completed leaflet (which will be given to you at time of purchase).

Tyres are covered for suspected manufacturing faults.

Any tyre that can be repaired within the limits of the current BSAU 159 “minor damage standard” will be repaired free of charge.

Tyres with suspected manufacturing faults will be replaced at the following rates


Tread Remaining         Discount

8mm and above                  100% allowance

Below 8mm-6mm                 75% allowance

Below 6mm-4mm                 50% allowance

Below 4mm-2mm                 25% allowance

Below 2mm                            Nil allowance


It is conditional for the application and maintenance of this lifetime guarantee that a new tubeless valve is fitted and a corrective wheel balance carried out at the time of fitting, repair or replacement of the tyre.  These services are chargeable.

This lifetime guarantee is transferable with ownership of the vehicle.

Tyres that fail due to criminal or malicious damage, vandalism, improper use, fire, theft, use in competitive sport, road accident, mechanical defect (such as incorerct alignment), repair by another garage or incorrect tyre pressures are excluded from this lifetime guarantee.

This lifetime guarantee is not available to taxis, vehicles used for private hire or driving schools.

This lifetime guarantee excludes 4×4, run flat and commercial tyres.

This lifetime guarantee is invalid if the tyre is removed or repaired by any other company or individual.

This lifetime guarantee is an addition to your statutory consumer rights, which are unaffected.


*Details above have been taken directly from the Garantee provided by Nexen, this is not a Redbourn Auto Solutions guarantee.