Car Maintenance Planning


Welcome!  You’ve been directed to this page because you have received a text reminder for one of our services.  It’s part of the service we provide to help you keep safe on the road… and directing you here (rather than receive a letter) is better for the environment 🙂

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All components suffer with wear and tear and early detection can prevent any avoidable expensive repairs later on.  Regular servicing:

  • prolongs the life of mechanical components
  • maintains roadworthiness
  • contributes to greater reliability
  • ensures the car runs as environmentally friendly as possible
  • ensures the car runs economically
  • its retains its resale value

Ensuring your car is roadworthy is a legal requirement of all drivers.  An MOT checks the car to ensure it is roadworthy on the day of the test.  An annual service ensures all components are safe and will last to the next service.



An MOT can be completed up to 28 days before the expiry of your current certificate to retain the same date. It’s a legal requirement, so please don’t let the date slip or you’ll invalidate your insurance and you can be fined up to £1,000.

We are delighted that we are now completing MOT’s internally, providing you with quality assurance and the convenience that, should you require any repairs, our highly capable Technicians can conduct this for you on the same day.  If you would prefer to wait, you’ll be assigned a time slot to minimise the disruption to your day.



Like any other component within a car, your air conditioning needs regular maintenance to ensure to ensure clean air circulates within your car.


We’re conveniently located beside the river in Redbourn Industrial Estate, close to lovely walks and local amenities.  And if you visit on a Saturday, you can make the most of The Pudding Stop!  

If you’re unsure you can navigate to us through various methods:

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We offer a collection and delivery service, or courtesy cars, for your convenience.


Replaced your car?  Let us know and we’ll amend our records with your new car details.  The good news is, we will still be able to maintain your new car and keep your warranty validated for you!

Please let us know if you have changed your details or no longer wish to receive reminders.


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