Car Part Savvy

Get yourself car part savvy…

When your car is repaired or serviced by ourselves, you can be guaranteed that good quality parts are used.

Counterfeit or sub-standard car parts can range from: copies which are hard to distinguish between the fake and the real product, to cheap imitations of genuine products.  These are usually produced using inferior materials which are more likely to fail and can have serious consequences to car drivers, passengers and other road users.

The Government have launched a campaign to stop the production of counterfeit parts.  We all pay the price for the damage they cause.  The safety reasons for purchasing good quality parts are clear.   This video from BMW illustrates how hard it is to identify an inferior part and the impact on the cars performance:

Don’t supply your own parts, leave it to the experts!

In attempts to save money, consumers are often looking to purchase parts themselves and ask a local garage to fit them.  Garages are increasingly reluctant to do this because of the risks to consumers and to themselves.   These parts cannot be guaranteed.  Terry Gibson, IGA’s Head of Member Services, explains more:

Most importantly, get yourself car part savvy and don’t put yourself or others at risk.  Don’t be fooled – if a car part is cheap, there is a reason for it.

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