Car Servicing – A New Arrival

Car Servicing – a new arrival

To help serve you better and keep up with demand, we have a new arrival !   Meet Ramp no.5 🙂

Our car servicing just moved up a gear. The new 4 poster ramp is equipped to deal with any car but is ideal for larger vehicles such as 4×4’s, trucks and light commercials.  It also gives flexibility in our workshop as some vehicles need to be supported on all 4 wheels for accurate diagnosis of car issues.

You can read more about what we can do on our page but also please remember this

If your car is under 3 years old and under Warranty, we are pleased to be able to offer car servicing for your vehicle to the manufacturers schedule using genuine parts. Since May 2004, your car no longer has to be taken to a main dealer. With lower running costs, we are able to keep the high quality you are used to but at a lower cost.

Follow this link to the Office of Fair Trading for further information.
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