DVSA Guide to Better Driving

Launch into Better Driving

The DVSA are encouraging better driving and have launched a new book to help us enjoy our roads and boost our confidence.

According to DVSA:

This new book, aimed at both new and experienced drivers, was developed in partnership with leading psychologist in the field of driver behaviour, Dr Lisa Dorn.

The book advises you how to understand how your attitude, mood, health and other factors can affect the way you drive.

You’ll also find guidance on how to recognise risks, avoid distractions and overcome anxieties to help you become safer and more confident behind the wheel.

Other features

The book will also help you to:

  • evaluate your driving performance
  • enjoy your driving through scenario-based learning
  • stay legal with the most up to date information
  • learn about the latest driving technology developments

Take a look at their video to learn more or order your copy by following this link:



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