Road Safety at The Snug

Celebrate Christmas at The Snug, St Albans & keep safe on the roads

As part of road safety, we have spoken to a number of our lovely local pubs who have committed to placing a drink driving poster in their premises as a reminder that even one drink affects the way we drive.   Always best to avoid the 12 month ban, £5k fine and a criminal record!

Join the lovely people at The Snug celebrating Christmas responsibly.

From just £12.50 per person, They’ve got tasty comfort food platters with a few festive twists or can up the ante with platters and hand-crafted favourite cocktails, sure to make your celebrations even better!

For those who want the ultimate Snug Christmas experience, then enjoy their Festive Feast and choose a Christmas Burger and Ice Cream cocktails (for dessert) – sure to make the mouth water!

Plus, why not enjoy 12 Cocktails of Christmas and sample their 2 racks of Magic Milk Bottles added onto your Christmas party for that extra something special!

Visit your local hostelry and celebrate Christmas locally.  Click on the link below to find out more:

Road Safety - pub pictures - the snug

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